How to write aslam o alikum in urdu

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Urdu Aslam-o-alikum Sms

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Ashura of Muharram – A Shia and Sunni Muslim Observance

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Aslam o alikum mara aziz bahio or greater eid al-adha or a method to wo.

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Eid-Ul-Adha a well-defined also unchanging writing. Aslam_o_alikum all visiters Dosto aj hum batt kary gy k { top 5 free sites] how to find free images for blog content or other use In addition to writing, he was also regarded as one of the best humorists in Urdu poetry as well.

Ibn e Insha wrote on poetry, travel and humor. His books contain the list of Aware Gard Ki Diary, Aap Se Kya Parda, Kumar e Gandum, Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitaab, Nagri Nagri Phira Musafar, etc. Aslam o Alikum, Emran Ali Rai Has launched a good News for the people who are needy for the charity of true ability of deprivation in listening Skills to help them for enhancing the ability of listening power, with this module of Listening Test, We have infused an ease of Your life when you are inside the examination hall of English Test for.

Beauty Tips Special tips for Married Girls! Healthy Tips for Ladies Urdu in Hindi Aslam O Alikum Viewers how are you? Hope you all will be fine and Happy. Aslam-o-alikum, how are you?

well i am here to tell you that it has been a woderful experience with Onlinetajweed until now. It is only a month back when my children joined this academy and they have improved alot with their readings.

How to write aslam o alikum in urdu
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